Dr. Charity Morgan, PsyD

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Licensed Psychologist

Populations: Adults, Age 18+

Insurance: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Geisinger

Areas of Focus: ADHD, Adoption, Anger Management, Anxiety, Conflict Management, Depression, Financial, Grief/Loss, Impulse Control, Mood Disorders, Personal Growth, Phobias, Religion/Faith Based Issues, Self-Esteem, Shame/Guilt, Stress Management, PTSD, Trauma, Women’s Issues, Work Issues
Approach: CBT, Humanistic, and Strength Based Therapy

About Me

Life can be stressful, overwhelming, and confusing at times. It's as if you have this weight that is on your shoulders that does not seem to get any lighter. Therapy is a great way to unpack the load that you are carrying and help make life more manageable. Whether it's conflict with your children, spouse, co-workers or friends, or financial difficulties, or even the pressure you put on yourself, all of these concerns and more I address with my clients in therapy. 
My approach to therapy is to provide a safe place where you can be yourself and talk about issues and topics that matter to you. It is a value based and strength based approach meaning, each of us have values that we live by and have built in strength and resiliency. Therapy is a tool that can highlight those values and build upon those strengths. I am a licensed psychologist who has experience working with children, adolescents and adults to help them achieve their personal goals. I look forward to assisting you with developing insight into your own life about recurring patterns, thoughts or behaviors and help you learn more adaptive ways of approaching life so you can master it!