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50 Quarantine Date Night Ideas

Date Night doesn't have to involve leaving the house.

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Date night is important for so many reasons. It is especially vital for keeping the spark alive in long-term relationships. It builds attachment, increases feelings of intimacy, and fosters healthy communication. Setting aside alone time for each other can be one of the best things you can do for your relationship. It allows you to connect on a deeper level without the distraction of everyday responsibilities and technology. Consider putting the phones away and giving your partner all of the love and attention they deserve. Keep in mind that it is also healthy to schedule some time for yourself and give each other breaks from constantly being together.


But how can you do date night amid COVID-19 when bars and restaurants are closed, and events are canceled? Here are some creative ideas to help keep the flame alive.

1. Scavenger Hunt – Provide a map and clues for your partner to find a special item or message.

2. Candlelight Take-out – Order your favorite takeout and eat by candlelight (after taking hours to decide on a place)

3. Guess That Food – Do you trust your partner? Take turns blindfolding each other and having your partner guess what food you’re feeding them.

4. Living Room Fort – Build a cozy fort in the living room together with blankets, put up some cozy lights, and camp out for the night.

5. Horror Night - Cuddle up and hold onto each other as you listen to a thrilling crime story, horror podcast, or murder mystery.

6. Backyard Camping – Pitch a tent in the backyard, enjoy some snacks around a campfire, and spend the night outside with each other.

7. Virtual Travel – Pull up Google Maps and “take a trip” to anywhere in the world, or through a virtual museum.

8. Video Game Tournament – Stay up late competing and playing your favorite multiplayer video games.

9. Make Cocktails – Meet in the kitchen for some fancy drink making and appetizers.

10. Fancy Dinner – Dress up in formal wear and meet your partner in the kitchen for dinner.

11. Stargazing – Head outside on a clear night and find a nice spot to watch the stars with each other.

12. Have a picnic – find a nice spot outside and lay out a blanket for a romantic picnic.

13. Gourmet Meal – Find a delicious new recipe and create a meal together.

14. Late Night Drives – Crank up the music and go for a nice drive to nowhere.

15. Finger Foods – Have a dinner with all “finger foods" and feed each other.

16. Karaoke Night – Find songs with lyrics on YouTube and take turns singing your heart out.

17. Question Game – Take turns asking and honestly answering questions with each other.

18. Goal Planning – Talk about exciting dreams and goals for the future and how to achieve them together.

19. Comedy Night – Laugh together while watching your favorite stand-up comedian specials.

20. Garden Date – Roll up your sleeves and spend some time outside planting flowers, herb, or your favorite vegetables. As your plants grow, it’ll remind you of the time you spent planting them together.

Female Couple Date Night Therapy

21. Read a Book Out Loud

22. Binge Watch a Season of Your Favorite Show

23. Homemade Pizza Night

24. Bubble Bath for Two

25. Make a Bucket List

26. Give Each Other Massages

27. Play Never Have I Ever

28. Solve a Puzzle

29. Watch the Sunset or Sunrise

30. Movie & Popcorn Night

31. Put Together a Photo Album

32. Make a Craft Together

33. Wine Tasting for Two

34. Make Your Own Sushi

35. DIY Spa Night

36. Watch a Concert on YouTube

37. Make Ice Cream Sundaes

38. Make Tie Dye T-Shirts

39. Couples Yoga

40. Workout Together

41. Board Game Night

42. Make Fondue

43. Slow Dance

44. Foot Rubs

45. Hide & Seek in the Dark

46. DIY Wine & Paint Night

47. Plan Your Next Getaway

48. Have a Cooking Competition

49. Go for a Nature Walk

50. Breakfast in Bed (for dinner!)

Couple in Bed Date Night Therapy

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