Relaxing Feel-Good Websites to Boost Your Mood

Turn off the negative news

Here are some positive sites to brighten your day amid the unsettling and concerning COVID-19 reports. Turn off the negative news for a bit and focus on something more uplifting and positive.

1. Get your daily dose of good news from around the world:

Positive News

Good News Network

Reddit r/UpliftingNews

2. Ambient sounds to wash away distraction:

A Soft Murmur

3. Relaxing and oddly satisfying videos:

Kinetic Sand ASMR

Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car

4. Draw and create some awesome designs:


5. Mindless funny pictures and memes:

6. Do nothing except stare at waves for two minutes:

7. If none of these work, simply CLICK HERE

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